Klyde Warren Park

Dallas has a dope ass 5 acre urban park venue just outside of of the largest Arts District in the country! How fucking sweet is that? 

Klyde Warren Park is a centrally located outdoor urban green space smack dab in between Uptown and Downtown Dallas (two very popular nightlife areas). It serves as a fun gathering space for Dallasites and visitors alike. It’s also a dope way to bookend your trip to the Arts district. Either valet or park in the designated garage, picnic on the lawn, or enjoy the plethora of food trucks of every variety. Then, walk yo ass to Dallas Theater Center's matinee performance only a 5 minute stroll away. 

Aside from the many food truck options and its prime location, KWP is outfitted with a dog park, performance pavilion, two high end (and overpriced) restaurants: Savor and Relish, walking trails, and a play area for the kiddos. Due to its inclusive vibe, You’ll find lots of dog lovers and families during the day. By night (if Dallas isn’t dead and everyone has gone home) the performance pavilion lights up with color as featured performers present new music every Thursday from 7 to 9pm.

What gives this place Acethetic is that in the midst of the cliquish nature of Dallas, Klyde Warren is one of the most neutrally cool places in town. Boasting 44,000 attendees at its grand opening in 2012, it really illustrates the melting pot that Dallas really is. Its also a great place to take dates. I would know because I’ve taking every women I’ve dated in Dallas on a romantic evening at KWP. Ace?! You’re reusing date ideas?? Hell yeah, bruh! If ain’t broke don’t fix it!

I am a professional Actor, Graphic Designer & Photographer. My career started as a full-time designer in 2013. Two years later, I said “hell no” to depression, quit my job and, went full-time freelance with my own design company, The Striped Heart. Shortly after I accepted a company membership with Tony-Award winning Dallas Theater Center’s acting company. My greatest asset is my creative outlook on life. I've been engrossed in the world of the arts since I was very young. They way art moves and inspires people is what keeps me going. I was born to be a connector and a leader. I strongly believe we were put on this earth to create. Therefor it is my ultimate goal to keep art and creativity alive and well for as long as I live. People say I'm not funny...