On Set with Team Grace

On Set with Team Grace

Today, I got to be in a commercial with Gabrielle for the first time!


We’ve gotten to do two plays together and we’ve created our own projects together, but this was the first film project that was for an actual client with us getting to play opposite each other. I love that we can work together. It really helps me feel like the love is real. You know? Not only can we play together but we can work together too. How we got the Job is a prime example of our dreamwork teamwork. 

For about 3 weeks, Gabrielle had been telling me that we need to edit our reels. And by “We” she meant me. I didn’t want to do it. Absolutely not. Mind you, this is amidst 4 other directly paying projects that I have to work on while also trying to move in and take care of home chores. Naw bruh.  My personal projects were already falling by the way side There was already so much on my plate. Then she gets an email that a new Bi-Coastal agency is looking for new clients  and they want reels by the 9th. I’m like, “My G! That’s tomorrow! Can’t we just send our reels from 2016???” She starts telling me no and how it looks unprofessional and all this crap. And I’m not exactly sure how she convinced me. Maybe it’s that soft sad voice of disappointment that she puts on when she doesn’t get what she wants; or her soft presence moping around the house when she’s down about somethings or how she turns herself into a cute little soft ball of fluff and lays her head on my chest. I don’t know yo! IT WAS SOMETHING SOFT, I know that!  Either way, I gave in and begrudgingly edited our film reels all night. 


To be fair, she promised she would do something for me to lighten my workload. It wasn’t what I expected, but it turned out to be incredibly effective. She decided she would keep me awake by having me watch her ride the struggle bus for two hours reading Ikea instructions in an attempt to put together our new dresser. She was absolutely right. It would definitely keep me awake, especially since puzzles and games are my strength and not hers. So watching her while trying not to assist and focus on editing, was difficult. 

The look on her face when she realized she put it together backwards… Priceless. Needless-to-say, we both finished our tasked annoyed at the effort but pleased that the jobs were done. The next morning we sent out our reels to all the necessary folk and it seemed that Jeremy reached out to us almost immediately about this project for My Body Complete. A few short days later we’re filming our first commercial together! What’s more is that we learned that the brand is a Vegan Protein shake and it actually tastes pretty good. 

After being flaked on by several Instagram models, Jeremy expressed several times how happy he was to be working with professionals. That made us feel good. He also pitched some other potential projects to us, saying he would definitely keep us in mind and would be happy to work with us again. That’s fucking great news especially because I want to break more into film and Jeremy is a phenomenal filmmaker. He also taught me a few the things on set about some of his equipment, and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be make the move from Canon to Sony very soon. 

Anyhow, I hope that paints a pretty good picture of how team GRAce works together to get shit done! More to come. PEACE! 

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