Shooting a wedding in Mexico was the project/vacation I didn't know I needed! The best part about it was that it was a family member's wedding and my mom and sister went. So I got to spend some quality time with them on beautiful resort. You just don't realize how much some quality time with your mother can do the soul until you get it. 

I didn’t really appreciate family time growing up. I would expend all of my energy at school with my friends and when my mom came to pick me up, my attitude would completely shift. You could probably create a halographic card of my face before and after the ride with my parents. Happy Ace. Grumpy Ace. Happy Ace. Grumpy Ace. Happy Ace. Grumpy Ace. Mom didn’t get it; people would be like, “Adam, is such a great kid. His energy and positivity is so awesome to have in the class room!” And she would look back in the rear-view mirror at my sour sulking face like, “Are we talking about the same kid?” 

Theater and friends were my High! I was on top of the world at school doing what I LOVE to do best: performing and socializing. My friends thought I was a super hero. And there was nothing like the sobering reminder in the car ride home that you’re just a normal everyday kid with a regular old boring home life. I hated “family” vacations. Why couldn’t my friends come? Am I really going to be on a beach resort all day with no cell phone service? How can text my friends? If my friends weren’t there, I didn’t want to take part. The funny thing is that it didn’t have to be any friend in particular as long as it was someone my age. Stop sticking with my crusty old dad or my snotty little sister! And what’s more, I call these people friends, but I honestly don’t even know these kids names anymore, because I never really spent any time actually cultivating most of these “friendships” at all. 

Now look at me! It only took me 16 years to get over my ego and recognize the importance of having your immediate family in life. I’m especially thankful that I learned my lesson before it was too let to really appreciate my time with them. Now, I believe we’ll all live longer simply because I think that love an appreciation has a way of keeping the body strong and healthy. This trip was really the positive affirmation I needed to keep up with them more often, sharing love and light with the people that matter most.


I am a professional Actor, Graphic Designer & Photographer. My career started as a full-time designer in 2013. Two years later, I said “hell no” to depression, quit my job and, went full-time freelance with my own design company, The Striped Heart. Shortly after I accepted a company membership with Tony-Award winning Dallas Theater Center’s acting company. My greatest asset is my creative outlook on life. I've been engrossed in the world of the arts since I was very young. They way art moves and inspires people is what keeps me going. I was born to be a connector and a leader. I strongly believe we were put on this earth to create. Therefor it is my ultimate goal to keep art and creativity alive and well for as long as I live. People say I'm not funny...