Therapy Walk at North Park

Therapy Walk at North Park

I’ve had a pretty stressful couple weeks.

With Penny Candy opening at Dallas Theater Center, helping Gabrielle with both of her business ventures, keeping my own business afloat, free time hasn’t necessarily been available. So I’ve been in dire need of some downtime to be able to just breath, stretch, and think. After a spontaneously hectic morning of helping One Great Vegan, I decided to do something I rarely do: take my camera and just shoot around town. I’ve been watching Masterclass with Ann Lebovitz teaching photography and its really change my perspective of the craft. I found joy in photography because I love people and I love aesthetic so its the perfect opportunity to combine two passions. But after taking this online photography course, I realized that there’s an entire depth to photography that I never explored: Life through the lens.

So after this recent saga of stress I needed to be by myself and take a walk. Then I remembered, this is Texas its hot as balls, so I decided to step into North Park Mall which is a essentially a museum of art. Luckily I had my camera to capture this beautiful mall but still life is not my area of expertise. I had absolutely no clue what to shoot where to go and at first I felt awkward. Then I realized, “Ace, you’re a fucking artist. You have an artist eye. Stop bitching and go make some art motherfucker!” This is truly how I talk to myself on a regular basis. Thats the only way to motivate me. Anyway, I started to shoot and suddenly I was in the zone, my focus was laser sharp, I was a professional photographer. It must of shown because about 4 people came up to me in 20 minutes asking for my information. One guy came up to me, “Excuse me young brother. I got a question. What are you looking for when you go to take that picture?” I’ve never been asked this question before but the answer came out instantly, “A story.”

Here is the story of my trip to North Park today. I hope you enjoy!

I am a professional Actor, Graphic Designer & Photographer. My career started as a full-time designer in 2013. Two years later, I said “hell no” to depression, quit my job and, went full-time freelance with my own design company, The Striped Heart. Shortly after I accepted a company membership with Tony-Award winning Dallas Theater Center’s acting company. My greatest asset is my creative outlook on life. I've been engrossed in the world of the arts since I was very young. They way art moves and inspires people is what keeps me going. I was born to be a connector and a leader. I strongly believe we were put on this earth to create. Therefor it is my ultimate goal to keep art and creativity alive and well for as long as I live. People say I'm not funny...