Penny Candy

Life In Pleasant Grove wasn’t always Pleasant

I got to create a cinematic trailer for the world premiere production of Penny Candy, a play by Jonathan Norton and Directed by Derrick Sanders. This cinematic trailer was shot, edited and directed by Ace Anderson.


How I live 

This section is a culmination of the Acethetic: my style, my fashion, my love. Expect to find an eclectic variety of everything that is me: From the everyday life to my passionately honest long term relationship that I have with the love of my life, Gabrielle Reyes. This is also a good place to go if you want to find random stories about our cat, Graceson. 

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ThiNGs to know, Things to Do.

Theater! Parties! Bars! Movies! Arts Festivals! After living here for nine years, I've discovered so much cool shit that I'm like "Why does no one know about this?" Did you know that The Dallas Arts District is the largest urban arts district in the United States? I'm a professional artist who works in the Arts District and had no idea. F*CKING INSANE! With a population of 1,281,047, Dallas is the 9th largest city in the US and the third largest in Texas. With all them people you know there's gotta be some dope shit going on, but you just got to find it. That's where I come it. This section is the reason Ace's Places was born. 

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Where to next? 

Because the way my life is set up, I have been fortunate enough to have gotten to live in different places (at least in the Americas) since I was a child. Now, I have friends and family all over the country, thanks to my nomadic childhood. It's not uncommon of me to buy a plane ticket or take a road trip somewhere to see a friend, work on a project or just take a vacay in my off time. This is about all the spontaneous little adventures I've find myself on as we travel around the sun.

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My life's Work

If you know me, you can probably guess that I'm working on some awesome crazy new project that no one will ever hear about. Mostly because I get so wrapped up in the vortex of creating the work, that I never get to tell anyone about it. I want to make a commitment to post about every project I'm working on before, during, and after (while, of course, abiding by any and all active Non-Disclosure agreements that I've signed. Either way the work I've done deserves to be showcased and recognized. 

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